West Texas Fertilizer Plant Hit By Missile?

Posted: April 18, 2013 by Ethan in Uncategorized
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While I do support the theory of a false flag attack in Boston, this video seems to be a bit of a stretch. It’s claiming that in the left side of the frame, a bright flash occurs right before the explosion. This is up for your opinion, I personally feel like this is not enough evidence to come to such a conclusion. Also, I don’t know if it could be just the optics of the camera making an illusion on screen. But I do feel like this timing is very interesting, considering ALL the evidence that was exposed yesterday regarding Boston.


More research between me and my friend CJ leads to this.

Here is a freeze frame picture of the object entering the left of the screen from the first video:

Photo Credit: CJ Richards

Photo Credit: CJ Richards

Here are two photos showing something entering the screen from the left on the second video as well:

Waco Texas 2

Waco Texas 3

This is how the explosion looks from afar, ladies and gentleman when I originally posted this I didn’t think it was a false flag, but its going to be hard to convince me otherwise now.

fertilizer plant

Fertilizer Plant Explosion, FEMA Drill Near By Signs Of False Flag

  1. dejavu . . . I saw this on the day you posted it on U-Tube. Has anyone contacted you with any ideas of what it was?

    • Ethan says:

      Everyone still thinks its a missile of some sort, my only logical explanation besides that would be lightening but I dont think it was storming that day….

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