Well if you’re a Marylander I’m sure you’ve been paying attention recently to the legislation moving out of our State legislatures. As if the “Assault” Weapons Ban wasn’t enough, O’Malley is taxing the water that lands on our property. It is going to be in effect in 10 counties Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Hartford, Charles, Frederick, Baltimore counties, and Baltimore city, they call it a “storm water collection fee”. The tax will effect businesses, individuals, charitable organizations, and even places of worship. The tax will cost Marylanders an estimated 300 million yearly, and we still probably wont hear the end of new taxes and tax increases. How will they know the amount of rain that falls on your property? The EPA says through, “satellite surveillance of your property”.

Now I often wonder if these taxes are just obedience training. Think about it Maryland, they have your guns banned and now they will tax the amount of rain that falls on your property. This state is ranked 50 in personal freedoms compared to the rest of America, we need to think about who we will be voting for Governor next. Will it be another Liberal asshole who wants to tax your every move or will it be a candidate that truly supports personal freedoms? Lets not keep repeating this mistake, this is what its costing us.



  1. Ron says:

    O’Malley is the biggest reason I moved to DE from MD. His politics and absurdity mirror Obama’s and he fancies himself as the next POTUS. He is a legend in his own mind, and quite frankly ridiculous.

    • Ethan says:

      I agree this man is such a joke, another big headed democrat. If he thinks he’s the next POTUS he will be sadly disappointed. If America isn’t ready to break the 2 party paradigm by then, I may just leave the country honestly.

    • Ethan says:

      How has Delaware been compared to Maryland?

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