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Now, before we get started. This post has NOTHING to do with if Zimmerman is guilty or not, this post is to shed some light on shadowy DOJ operations. Recently Judicial Watch obtained hundreds of pages of documents showing that Eric Holder has deployed a group called Community Relations Service (CRS) to Sanford Florida for the purpose of working marches, demonstrations, rallies, protests, etc. This is not a normal operation of government, especially these race baiting tactics some groups have used in accordance to this trial. In fact the New Black Panther Party has vowed “unrest across America” if Zimmerman is acquitted many tweets reveal they aren’t sure if it’ll be violent or not yet, I emphasize “New” because the original Black Panther Party would not conduct themselves in such behavior. It has become clear that these protests are being charged by DOJ members, and they should be held fully responsible once these groups start their violent behavior if Zimmerman is acquitted.

The United States Prison System: Do We Live In It?

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Whenever we think of prison, we are taught to think of a place where “good guys” send “bad guys” to rehabilitate or be punished for committing despicable crimes. The problem with this philosophy is that many prisoners are not incarcerated for despicable or serious crimes at all; in reality, many prisoners are tied up in petty charges surmounted against them from minor incidents. The cumulative prison population on record within the United States as of 2013 reaches a number of approximately 2.3 million-plus inmates with an annual cost upwards of $74 billion. The current population of the United States is at least 313.9 million people, leaving around 0.73% of people incarcerated at any given time. While that number may seem insignificant, when thinking in terms of comparison to prison populations in other countries, that number is no longer a dwarf of a figure. Ironically, the countries that the establishment of the 20th century has brainwashed the populace into thinking of as “communist police states” have less prisoners than the United States, both in ratio and nominal amounts. China has a massive population of 1.344 billion people with India not far behind at a staggering 1.241 billion people, yet both countries COMBINED have less prisoners than the United States with a total number of approximately 1.877 million prisoners. The United States has rapidly degraded in efficiency over the last few decades as well, with overcrowding, crime within prisons and corruption amongst guards has run rampant.

Ultra-conservative groups tend to try and paint other ethnic groups, immigrants and opposing classes or parties as the lead cause in crime or societal problems. In reality, most of our societal ills originate within not only our domestic territory but furthermore within the cultures that we have been taught to idolize as “ideal” or “perfect”.  Contrary to many societal preconceptions, especially by the far-right, most charged offenders in the United States, 69% in fact, are white adult males. This holds just above the percentage of the overall population that the white populace makes up, which is around 63%. With over two thirds of offenders being white, however, the prison population WILDLY reflects a different picture. 39.4% of prisoners are black and 20.6% are Hispanic, leaving a mere 40% unaccounted for by whites or Asians. So to recap: 69% of arrested offenders are white, while less than 40% of the prison population is white; this leaves me with a high inclination to disbelieve in equal justice. Also, while crime rates are  higher in urban areas than rural areas, the averages rates are not drastically different on the large scale. Trends remain consistent no matter where you talk about and any attempt to single out the cause of any societal ill is unrealistic in nature. Mass-media-fueled hysteria crisis, such as school shootings and unprovoked tragedies are just as likely, if not more likely, to occur in affluent suburbs full of wealth and families trying to “keep up with the Joneses” than they are in blighted areas.


Arrests for marijuana use or possession occur once every 42 seconds, and with approximately 6% of the population openly using marijuana to some degree, there is no shortage of targets for law enforcement. Nearly half a million arrests occur annually on strictly marijuana “charges” alone. Billions are spent annually prosecuting harmless recreational users in the name of “enforcing the law”, but in actuality there is a means of profit behind it. The hemp plant is well-known to be a viable substitute for many resources that require trees (paper for example) and can be used as an alternative to destroying entire forests. The legalization of marijuana would allow for mass-distribution of the hemp plant which would in turn put many rich businessmen in a tight spot (figuratively speaking, since they’re already rich). Since the “war on drugs” was initiated and openly declared, drug usage and arrests have sky-rocketed and no causes of drug use have been targeted; all that has happened is a lot of otherwise well-off people have had their lives ruined completely by a merciless system. Also worth noting is the 20th century establishment created such a paranoid hate for any and all “illicit drug users” that such an accusation can single-handedly ruin a person’s reputation. This has been abused by corrupt police departments time and again to plant false evidence on political enemies OR as leverage over people for other accusations.

With overcrowding, racial inequality, social-class prejudice, and petty “offenders” mixed up with real full-time criminals, the prison system is anything but a rehabilitation center. Within each and every prison is a system of “low-wage labor” where inmates are paid cents to the hour to work a menial and pointless job under the name of “paying back their debt to society”. The clever use of this slave labor by the 20th century establishment has ensured that even under a complete financial collapse of American society, they would still have millions of slaves to produce their necessary supplies at their disposal. With growing concern among some over the ever-growing reaches of government (both federal and local), the recent moves by several agencies is testimony to the intentions of those in charge of these operations. FEMA may be labeled a relief effort, but all conspiracy aside it has proven itself both incompetent and harmful to the communities it has moved into. For those people that believe they are fully justified to initiate lock-downs in cities over events such as the day of the Boston bombings, I want you to think back to Hurricane Katrina. During Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was largely devastated and left in a state of utter chaos and anarchy. Around the same time that FEMA moved in to “offer assistance”, countless bouts of looting and home invasions were occurring all over the city. Here’s the best part though; many of the home invasions were committed by rogue police agencies in an “authorized” attempt to confiscate all guns. There is evidence including videos, accounts and confessions showing the brutalization of normal citizens who had already lost EVERYTHING by these “peace officers”. The IRS has been scrutinizing citizens since the dawn of time and now has grown bold enough to target larger organizations. The Department of Homeland Security has been stockpiling weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles in ridiculous numbers. Thousands of laws leaning towards the death of the private citizen have been pushed over the last half century that have not even been mentioned.

To top off the absurdity of American “law and order” comes the most widely influencing factor that controls public opinion for all: the media. Television and major news outlets that were once a source of information and enlightenment have since become machines of propaganda and fear. Turn on the nightly news and 9 out of 10 stories will involve a murder, tragedy, political stunt, celebrity act or sports. The most prevalent shows on television are police shows where the departments are shown as superior and benign no matter the circumstance, all the while stereotypes of local populations involved are unnecessarily straight-forward and out of control. Violence is open and encouraged on television as long as it is in the name of the establishment and not against it, yet sexuality is strictly forbidden on public networks. This repression of natural urges is eerily similar to Eric Blair’s (George Orwell) “1984” novel where everything is done “for the party”. The constant overdose of fear, paranoia and violence, inferiority against police and authority, and mind-numbing entertainment has replaced naturally healthy urges with unhealthy and destructive habits. Mainstream news outlets consistently report false information in the name of outdoing their competitors or favoring their specifically private funding. Several, if not most news networks have completely sold out to one or another political party and their interests; FOX news is radically conservative while MSNBC is radically liberal. The emphasis on the problems of society is constant and meant to be demoralizing, forcing people to look towards their appointed leaders as the only source of “hope” in the bombardment of bad news. There is an unspoken yet de-facto exclusion of positive news and scientific advances from public broadcasting, which further numbs the population until they succumb to the will of the producers.

Non-stop reminders of anything and everything negative about freedom and individuality can be found in just about any aspect of modern society. When children go to grade school, they start their days being forced to “stand a pledge allegiance” to their country in a ritualistic and tribal manner. The criminalization of harmless ideals has allowed an establishment with dangerous priorities to demonize both political and social enemies to a mass populace exhausted by trying to survive day-by-day. Major corporations fund private prisons with a minimum capacity limit of operation, further encouraging the unethical hunting of normal citizens to be thrown behind bars so that corrupt guards trying to meet a quota can get a raise. Politicians commit atrocities unquestioned due to a false status and image created by brainwashing citizens to hate themselves and worship rigid ideals of authority. The largest slave population in the history of humanity is right here in the land of the free and in no way rehabilitates the people thrown into it, especially those who don’t need any rehabilitation in the first place. The divide and conquer strategy has driven entire cultures of people into dissolution and disarray while they struggle to pay bills with meager and often-decreasing incomes. New taxes, wars and television shows pop up every year that burden and target the blue-collar working man while rich politicians and corporation shareholders sit back and sabotage democracy. A bi-partisan system has left a population so busy fighting itself that it fails to take the time to step back and see who’s even throwing the punches. The United States prison system is a result of a corrupt authoritative police-state that has been growing from a small fledgling in the 20th century into the menace that it is manifesting as today. The average person sees themselves as superior to other average people but inferior to those that dehumanize them and threaten their very existence. Unless humanity pulls its head out of its ass within the next century, there will be little chance for individualism or hope for future generations. There will be little possibility to debate problems for they will have already overrun us from the shadows. Until the average person can realize that they themselves control their destiny and nobody else, there will continue to be malignant dictators wearing suits and ties in a society based off of lies leading the world on a suicide-run straight to hell.


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Professor Griff from Public Enemy speaks on Illuminati.


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I’m sure any Christian or Bible reading person on here can recall the story of Babel when God confused the language and scattered the people among the Earth, if not here is a refresher;

But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.
Genesis 11:5-9

The Guardian reports today Researchers Trace Language Back to One Ancient Ancestor, “Everybody in Eurasia can trace their linguistic ancestry back to a group, or groups, of people living around 15,000 years ago, probably in southern Europe, as the ice sheets were retreating,” said Mark Pagel, an evolutionary biologist at Reading University.

With that information we move on to Popular Science’s report on the subject and it has some revealing information that should be very apparent; “At least 15,000 years ago, a single language started to break up. It broke into about seven different languages and, over the next 5,000 years, splintered into thousands more. Those languages became what’s spoken by billions throughout Europe and Asia.” The single language went to SEVEN languages, I find that interesting. This is all speculation there is no damning evidence this story can be taken many ways, to a Christian though this should be more confirmation of what you’re reading in The Bible.


Do Recent Studies Prove Gods Existence?

The only thing I would like to say is look at how they’re all acting as they’re reporting it. They can’t help but laugh or hold back a smile, this is sickening.

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Yes, you read the title right an armed march in DC is receiving a lot of support from followers rightfully so. It has become very clear that American citizens have become fed up with the government. Recent polls casted by AP found that 29% of Americans feel it will be necessary for an armed revolt in the near future of America, while this should be taken with a huge grain of salt it is still very revealing the level of rhetoric circulating in America. This is a peaceful march to assert the tight to carry a firearm for self defense, which in a free country should be lawful, it will be interesting to see how the police and fed react to an armed march. This is a litmus test of liberty, as Adam said we will see if Mr.Obama truly supports the 2nd amendment.